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Sausage List

Our sausages are made on the premises to the very highest standards of quality. We hope you enjoy them!

Champion - Traditional flavour and lots of meat: also available as Chipolatas.


Country— Delicately flavoured with herbs and spices: great for BBQs; also available as Chipolatas.


Farmhouse—A few extra spices to leave a tingle on your tongue!


Herby—A strongly flavoured sausage with extra herbs.


Garlic & Herb— Like the Herby but with added garlic— maybe not for vampires!


Lincolnshire—Medium cut with traditional herbs and spices.


Cumberland—A very meaty, coarse-cut sausage with a mild herby flavour.


Olde Wiltshire—Using our unique seasoning, this is particular to Gardner's and has a totally distinct, traditional flavour.


Onion & Chive—A delicious combination of onions, chives and spices make this one of our most popular sausages. 


Apple— A slightly sweeter flavour, ideal for children.


Orange & Basil— Sweet and juicy, with a loyal following of regular customers.


Italian—Packed with mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic and Italian herbs & spices.


Marmite & Red Leicester— For all the lovers.


Leek— A mild flavoured sausage made with fresh leeks.


Pork, Mature Cheese & Branston Pickle— A Ploughman’s lunch in sausage form!


Stilton & Leek—A perfect combination of great blue cheese and fresh leeks.


Pork with Red Onion Marmalade—A delicious sausage with a sweet onion flavour.


Hot Chilli—A medium-cut sausage that packs a good punch of chilli!


Tandoori—A mild curry flavour, another BBQ favourite.


Mild Chicken Curry—A slightly different sausage made with chicken and gentle curry spices.


Garlic & Tomato—That says it all, delicious Mediterranean combination.


Pork & Apricot— Sweet and scrumptious, slightly Moroccan.


Lamb, Honey & Herbs— A Bee-autiful combination.


Gammon & Pineapple—A sweet and juicy sausage made with pork, bacon and brown sugar.


Lamb & Mint—Delicious, with a generous amount of mint, other herbs and spices.


Beef—A full-flavoured traditional sausage with plenty of red meat.


Lorne Sausage—The traditional square Scottish sausage, available in a few different varieties.


Red Leicester Cheese & Jalapeno— Like a visit to Mexico! 


Scrumpy Cider & Apple—A slightly boozy sausage with a touch of herbs.


Beekeepers - Pork and gammon sausage with honey &  brown sugar.


Jock’s Delight ** - Traditional sausage with added haggis,  black pudding, swede and a wee dram of whisky.  


Pork & Peppers ** - A summer pork sausage made with fresh red, green and yellow peppers.  


Cowboys ** - One for kids of all ages; full of beans, sweetcorn and smoked bacon.  


The Boozy Banger ** - A distinctive meaty sausage with a bit of added alcohol. No eating and driving, please!  


Venison ** - A seasonal variety with a strong flavour.  


Poachers ** - Milder than venison, with pheasant and rabbit.  


Venison & Caramelised Onion ** - A slightly sweeter venison sausage.  

Thai Pork ** - Oriental spices and a delicate lemon flavour.  

Smokey BBQ ** - As the name suggests, just perfect for the  BBQ with a hint of smokey flavour.  

Turkey & Cranberry ** - A full-flavoured December special.

NEW Pork in Hoisin Sauce**- A sausage packed with oriental flavours

** Some sausages are not available all year round due to the seasonality of ingredients

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